Here’s a sketch I made of Terra Copia, the fantasy continent on which The Alchemist’s Theorem takes place. I have to say, this was fun. If I had the time and wherewithal to teach myself how to build a good quality map in Illustrator or whatever, I totally would. World-building is an ideal way to spend my life.

I named a mountain range after my mommy. Her name is Morag, which is a common Scottish name. She was born there. I’ve always loved her name, and it is definitely suited for a fantasy world. Scotland has always been a sort of fantasy world to me. I’ve never been there, so for the past 32 years I’ve had to rely on media, my mom, and my imagination in order to see it. Those resources have made it into a magical, mystical land full of creatures, powerful beings, and medieval landscapes. I’d write a story that takes place there but Diana Gabaldon has the monopoly on that.

I named an oasis after my niece Ariana, and a peninsula after her father, my brother, Peter. But it’s called Ogre Peninsula because my brother is an ogre. I also named a tundra after my grandmother who passed away a couple of years ago. I think she’d be ticked off that I named a tundra after her, but that’s all that was left. People who know me know how important my gigantic family is to me, so it would be no surprise to see how much my family seeps into my work.

Sketching this map has made me even more excited for the second Alchemist’s Theorem book! By looking it over, I figured out the path my travelers will be taking and why. It’s going to be epic! Speaking of working on the next book, I need to wrap this post up so I can spend the next two hours writing before I have to go meet Brooks for lunch.

I’ll be contacting a potential map-maker soon with this sketch. Fingers crossed it works out!

Preordering for The Alchemist’s Theorem is available! Click here!


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