Don’t Forget the Fun Work


I live by ‘to do’ lists. I wouldn’t function very well without them. Checking off tasks is how I manage my productivity. This whole self-publishing business has generated an endless list of ‘to dos.’ Whenever I get the list whittled down some it just repopulates with more tasks. For the majority of the year I have enjoyed the productivity of task mastering, and I have felt a great deal of accomplishment. But right now, my ‘to do’ list is looking damn tedious. It’s full of grownup work, like ‘upload this file’ or ‘sign this paper work.’ The work has gotten tedious because I have neglected to include the fun stuff: working on the next Alchemist’s Theorem book.

Last week, Brooks noticed that we hadn’t done any creative writing in a while. This was a major oversight. One of the most important parts of being a self-sustaining, self-published writer is to keep producing content. And for me, that has become the funnest task among all of my responsibilities. I love working on my stories. It has become the easy part of what I do. So Brooks and I put time aside this past weekend to do some writing.

We went to our local gluten-free cafe and set up shop. He worked on a story he’s been thinking about for a while, and I wrote 500 words of the next Alchemist’s Theorem book. During the Kickstarter campaign, I had written the first 500 words, so now I am up to 1000 words! That might not seem like a lot, but at the beginning of a novel, when I have a long way to go, every bit helps move me forward.

I thoroughly loved writing every word. It felt so good to be submerged in the world of The Alchemist’s Theorem again. And since I learned so much from writing the first novel, my writing process feels a little bit smoother this time around.

It’s hard, though. Every passage is so exciting to me that I want to share it with everyone, but after reading Stephen King’s memoir on writing, and going through my MFA, I have learned it is best not to show anyone your work until the first draft is done. So I’m sorry I can’t share anything with you yet, but don’t worry. It’s coming.


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