Magic Books


When I was a kid, we had a set of old books on the shelf. They were bound in worn, red cloth and looked like they came from an old Victorian scholar. I always used to imagine they contained magical secrets, hidden powers, and ancient prophecies. To me, they were treasured artifacts.

When designing the hardcover for The Alchemist’s Theorem, I wanted a similar aesthetic. I was thrilled to learn that Thomson-Shore does red cloth bound hardcovers for their print-on-demand services. What thrilled me even more was the gold foil stamping. Red is my favorite color, and Mendel has a peculiar habit of writing in gold strokes with his pointer finger, using his imagination. So when I imagined the cover design, these were the two colors with which I wanted to work.

I wasn’t sure what the final hardback would look like. I was a little nervous. But when I received the proofs this past week, I made genuine “ooo” and “ahhh” sounds as I looked them over. They are indeed the magical-looking books that I wanted. I hope the design helps to ignite every imagination that reads this book, and that kids will have a useful artifact with which to play pretend.


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