What’s Next?


We’ve been enjoying the Labor Day weekend with our cool niece Eliza. I’m managing to sneak in some work (I can’t help myself). I sent out my Kickstarter surveys to all of my backers, and people are getting them back to me pretty quick. I think I have about 2/3 of them. I’ve set up my website’s ‘Thank You’ page and I have been entering names as I receive surveys and permission. Brooks and I submitted the final files last week, now we are just waiting for Thomson-Shore to verify that they have been uploaded. Once they are, I can start submitting everyone’s orders!

The hardback proofs of The Alchemist’s Theorem have not arrived yet. I blame the holiday. We should get them this week, though. I can hardly wait!

The good news is that the website Unleashing Readers has invited me to write a guest blogpost for their website! I’m really excited. They ask that the posts be geared toward teachers, and include ways to engage kids in reading. I think I’m going to write about how difficult reading has alway been for me, especially when I was a kid, and what it took to get me to read a book on my own. The post will appear sometime in October.

I started a new job last week. It’s a good job, the kind many writers want. I work part-time but I’m paid well enough so that I can afford to take care of myself (minimally) and still have time to work on my writing career. And it’s editing work which is preferred over writing work because I don’t have to use my mental energy to produce other peoples’ content.

So what’s next? Once I hear from Thomson-Shore I will start placing orders, which means my backers can look forward to receiving their books sooner rather than later. Are you excited? I’m excited!


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