My Kickstarter has 99 backers and 37 hours to go! I thought 30 days would go by slow but it has been too much fun. The campaign ends tomorrow (Tuesday) at midnight. Brooks and I are finishing up the final proofread. This book is super polished. I am very proud to put The Alchemist’s Theorem out into the world. And I am profoundly grateful for all the support I have received from so many generous people.

I have written up my acknowledgements that will appear at the end of the book. Why the end? When I read a book, I never read the stuff at the beginning that isn’t the actual story. I always want to get right to it. When I’m really into a book and just loving the story, and I get to the end, the inertia of it keeps me reading anything that comes after because I always want more. So that’s why I have the acknowledgements at the end. I want the inertia of the story to keep readers reading, so they know how grateful I am to the people who supported me.

Here are the acknowledgements that appear at the end of The Alchemist’s Theorem (subject to change depending on additional pledges and requests from people whose names appear):


And now I need to thank the village that raised my novel. Thanks to Aimee H. for suggesting I go darker with the pixie fight scene. Thanks to Sandy D. for helping me decide which novel to work on. I’m very grateful to my brother-in-law Adam, who did such a thorough and diligent job with his edits, making the book so much better.  I also need to thank Adam’s mom Gloria. She proofread my entire manuscript with short notice in just a couple of days. A big thanks to my sisters Kathleen and Elizabeth for proofreading my book. When I asked them to do it, neither one hesitated to say yes. To my twin sister and wombmate, Martha, for being so unconditionally supportive. One phone call with her and the wind was back in my sails. Thanks to my brother Peter for being an ogre, I love you. To my mother and Jim, thanks for taking me in that summer before I started my MFA. It gave me the time and space to conjure up the idea for The Alchemist’s Theorem. And thanks to my father. I love that over the past few years we have become philosophy buddies; we have the best conversations. Also, his support has been paramount to getting me this far. And a giant thank you to Mista Brooks. This guy came into my life and changed everything. Because of him this book is at its best, I’m at my best, and my life is at its happiest.

(And on the next page the following appears)

Thank You

I am deeply grateful to everyone who backed and promoted my Kickstarter campaign. I received a great deal of support from caring friends, dedicated family, and valiant samaritans.

A sincere thanks to my family: the Chiavettas, the McGills, the Pericaks, the Karnes, the Pecks, the Thompsons, and the Lebermans. I love being a part of this giant collective. And a special thanks to Peter Chiavetta, Morag and Jim Levin, Elizabeth Chiavetta and Adam Lattman for their extremely generous pledges.

A mighty thanks to my friends as well as Brooks’ friends. It was so enriching to hear from so many of you, especially those with whom I haven’t been in touch for a while. Thank you Karen T., Wael B., Jason Coe and Sally Peck for their kindhearted support. Thanks to Craig for all of his support. A special thanks to Neil for his incredibly generous pledge.

A big thanks to all the wonderful samaritans who backed me. You are all so special to me. Every time I saw a supporter’s name that I did not recognize, my heart swelled with gratitude. You’re the best.



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