WorldCon 2015


My Kickstarter has finally broken from the lull and the pledges are coming in again as I approach the last week of the campaign! I will hopefully hit the 3rd stretch goal and beyond by then end.

I’m here in Spokane for WorldCon 2015! I’m having loads of fun hanging out with Brooks and his best bud Craig Engler, who is the co-creator of Z-Nation on the SyFy channel (the three of us are in the picture above). He and Brooks co-wrote the two SyFy TV movies Zombie Apocalypse and Rage of the Yeti. They are the nerdiest of nerds and both super cool dudes.

We’ve been hanging out with lots of scifi/fantasy writers and enjoying the frivolity, despite all the fuss kicked up around the Hugo awards by the spoiled puppies, or curmudgeon puppies, or whatever they’re called. It’s been quiet around here as far as controversy goes, and all I’ve seen are lots of long-time friends getting together and catching up.

We missed hanging out with George R. R. Martin last night. It was past our bedtime and we were spent so we left our hotel bar and went back to our room. George came along shortly after. But there’s a good chance I’ll get to hangout with him tomorrow!

I’ve shown my book to a few people, which has been fun! It is a good lookin’ book and it is passing inspections. I haven’t figured out how to hand out my mini cards that promote the campaign. The first one I gave out, I clandestinely dropped in the tote bag of a boy who wasn’t looking. Then I left one in the ladies bathroom on top of the paper towel dispenser. Finally I left a couple on random empty tables. I’ll be attending a couple parties today and tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get to talk about my book with people and then just hand them out to whomever shows interest.

I’m $75 away from the $5000 mark! Once I hit that I will have doubled my original goal. All this incredible support is going to give me and The Alchemist’s Theorem an important leg up!


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