My Inner Alchemist #1: Lotion


My Kickstarter for The Alchemist’s Theorem is doing great! Head over if you haven’t gotten the chance to see it or pledge yet.

Now, I didn’t write a novel about alchemy because it’s a popular topic. I did it because I LOVE ALCHEMY. I got the idea for the book during the summer of 2012 while I was playing a lot of the video game Skyrim, and binge reading the Harry Potter books. The alchemy part of Skyrim was my favorite, and all the potions classes with Snape were the best parts to read.

I would often watch with great annoyance as enemies in Skyrim approached me because all I wanted to do was pick flowers for my potions. I had a barrel full of reagents, too many to use. And one day while I was reading about Snape’s potion class in one of the Harry Potter books, I suddenly put down the book, decided I wanted to write a novel about alchemy, and then like magic the first scene of The Alchemist’s Theorem exploded in my head like a singularity, and that universe was born.

But alchemy isn’t something that just hangs around in my imagination. I can’t help practicing such a satisfying craft. Brooks had the brilliant idea that I start sharing some of my alchemical recipes.  Today I am going to share with you my lotion recipe. I make my own and it works better than the commercial crap you buy in the store. I have Crohn’s disease so I have to be very thoughtful about what my body ends up absorbing and processing.

I gently warm half a cup or so of coconut oil in a pan. It has a low melting point of 76 degrees F. In the summer I don’t even need to melt it. I still warm it slightly in the pan so it will dissolve camphor crystals. Camphor is related to menthol and eucalyptus. I add a small amount (like 1/4 tsp) because it is potent and I don’t want the smell to be overpowering. Camphor has a lot of medicinal benefits you can read about on the Wikipedia page. It also comes with some warnings too (be sure to read them if you are considering making your own lotion).

Then I add several drops of rose hip seed oil and rosemary essential oil. Rose hip has fatty acids that are good for the skin and rosemary has anti-bacterial properties. I like the mild outdoors smell, but if you want something more perfume-like you can add whatever scent you want. If I want to jazz up my lotion I add lilac essential oil.

I use this lotion everyday after I shower. It’s not as greasy as you’d think. I mean, after I’m done applying it I do feel like I can be popped in the oven, but my skin absorbs it fast and after an hour it’s gone. I have lovely skin, though diet also contributes to that.

And there you have it! My first alchemy secret!


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