Putrid’s Heart


Putrid’s Heart is a mysterious object in The Alchemist’s Theorem that Sir Duffy and Mendel have to keep safe. It is a leftover artifact from the mistake, a nearly catastrophic time in their recent history. The people of Terra Copia haven’t recovered from the terrifying event even though decades have passed, and they are still governed by the fear of it happening again.

When I first sat down to try and think of a story to write about alchemy, the first things to pop into my mind are still part of the now finished novel. When I closed my eyes I saw Sir Duffy approaching his apothecary in the early morning. I saw that even though he was starting his day normally that it was not going to be a normal day.

Don Clapstone from the Advanced Disciplines showed up (though his name and the academy name were different) and the two men immediately began to discuss the mistake and the object known as Putrid’s Heart.

Those are the pieces I started with and built the rest of the story from. It took a while for me to figure out what exactly Putrid’s Hearts are and why they are so dangerous. And the funny thing is that I don’t really tell you why in this first book. Sorry.

All I can say is that there is so much more to Putrid’s Hearts and it is going to take a number of books to fully realize what they are all about.

My Kickstarter page is finished and it has been approved! It’s all ready to launch on Monday August 3rd. I AM SO EXCITED!


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