Mental Preparation


We hit the proofreader deadline over the weekend! Two and a half people read through the manuscript and caught a number of tiny mistakes my eyes could no longer see. Now I’m working with the talented Mista Brooks on the layout and design of the book. He has been working hard on putting together a high quality, professional look for the printers. Between his skill and Thomson-Shore’s awesome POD books, my general audience won’t be able to tell the difference between my self-published book and one they’d pull off the shelf at Barnes & Noble.

My Kickstarter campaign launches in two weeks. I’ve been incredibly self-absorbed with this project. My brother and his girlfriend had a baby last week and I didn’t get around to calling him and congratulating them until this weekend. I’ve been periodically reminding myself that my behavior won’t be tolerated by me after the campaign is over. It’s easy to say, “Oh, I’ll be better once this thing is over,” and then after that thing is over say, “Well after this next thing I’ll be better.” I’ve been mentally preparing myself for a decrease in attention to my own wants and needs, regardless of what’s next.

There is a lot more to do after the campaign. It’s really just the first step towards my goal, but more energy is required to get something moving from the static position than is required to keep it moving (one of the few things I remember from high school physics). So once I’ve got some momentum to carrying me forward, I will have the mental room to focus a little less on myself and more on others.


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