The Dome


When Mendel turns the city corner and sees the School of Alchemy campus for the first time, he is overwhelmed by the sight of the dome. It is a giant greenhouse full of exotic plants and colorful light. I’ve shared excerpts describing the dome before. It’s one of those places that I’m sad doesn’t exist, at least not on earth or in this particular universe. If it did, I would wake up every morning, make my smoothie, and then sit in the dome while I worked on whatever project.

Thanks to the talent of someone like Poohpuu, the artist I’ve been working with, I at least get to see the dome come to life in two-dimensional form in the illustration below. The colors were very important to me for this illustration, and Poohpuu did a great job creating a light spectacle (Mendel also looks particularly adorable in this picture).

So I sigh that the dome isn’t a real place in my backyard (I don’t even have a backyard), but with my persistent imagination I’m sure I can manifest something just as spectacular in my real life. How and when this special place comes into existence is a time thing, and that’s a variable my imagination doesn’t care to account for.



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