The Gooder Illustration


So this is Gooder, Sir Duffy’s carnivorous horse. I’ve written about him before. Poohpuu, the artist I worked with, did a fantastic job showing what a humorous character this lazy horse is.

I wish I could afford more illustration! There are so many scenes in The Alchemist’s Theorem that I would love to see come to life. Like the cappamorph. Cappamorphs are giant iridescent caterpillars that change shape. Mendel comes across one that morphs into his mirror image. The two have a friendly, curious encounter, while Sir Duffy collects the mucus the creature sheds. The mucus is a reagent used in a shape-shifting potion!

Another character I want to see come to life is one of the villains, the pale stranger. She has pure white skin and hair and pale blue eyes, and appeared out of nowhere, asking about the dangerous artifacts called Putrid’s Hearts.

Well, if my Kickstarter goes well and I am able to get my sales going, then hopefully I’ll be able to afford more illustrations. Though, I’ll have to control my urge to illustrate everything.


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