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Over the weekend, we filmed the video for my August Kickstarter campaign. It went a lot smoother than I had anxiously expected. I think that’s because I kept it simple. I opened with a joke, explained what The Alchemist’s Theorem is, told people who I am and my credentials, mentioned Brooks’ editing skills and Thomson-Shore’s reliability, talked about why I’m running the campaign, and ended with a big ol’ thank you. Pretty simple and straight forward with a tinge of humor.

So it turned out that filming was the easy part. The next part is what’s going to be hard. I need to reach out to my community and ask who is willing to support my campaign right at the start. The rational part of my brain says, “Of course most people will say yes.” On the other side of my brain, my irrationality says, “No one is going to support you.” Good thing my rationality has been well-exercised over the past few years.

Kickstarter is a mix of math and psychology. I ran one for someone else last year that failed, and learned a whole lot. You need to get a big percentage of your goal amount within the first couple of days, otherwise people get turned off and don’t feel your project will succeed. So that’s why it is important to know ahead of time an estimation of how many people will pledge at the launch of the campaign.

My goal amount isn’t going to be much. Just enough to pay for a print run of 500 books and a little marketing. Getting The Alchemist’s Theorem out there is going to be a long trek. This Kickstarter campaign is just the very beginning.


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