Every morning, while I’m still mostly asleep, Brooks kisses me goodbye before he leaves for work. The morning of June 26th he gently shook me awake. I opened half an eye and mumbled, “What are you wearing?” He had on a very festive shirt. Brooks replied, “The supreme court overturned the ban on same-sex marriage. It’s an important day.”

Whether it is a coincidence or it was planned, the fact that the ban was lifted the weekend of Pride made it a fun weekend. I took the picture above. There was also a white horse with rainbow stars painted on it. The sight of Broadway in Capitol Hill on pride weekend this year brought a few tears to my eyes. So many happy, wonderful people.

In celebration of this important step forward towards equality (we still have a long way to go but each bit of progress gets us to the next) I thought I’d talk about the gay couple in my novel The Alchemist’s Theorem. Sir Brandiheart and Master Peatree have been together a long time. They are in their 60’s and very dedicated to one another.

When I first wrote Peatree into the story I had him playing the part of Sir Brandiheart’s servant, but I was immediately uncomfortable with the idea of a class system and servitude. I thought about it briefly and asked myself ‘who is Peatree?’ The answer came quickly: Peatree is Sir Brandiheart’s husband. “Yes! Of course he is,” I thought to myself.

When I rewrote the introduction of Peatree to the story I thought about it some more. I didn’t want my own rhetoric to take over Peatree’s character. So Peatree is simply introduced as Sir Brandiheart’s husband and the conversation continues as normal, because in the world I have created, no one, not even the ‘bad guys,’ thinks there is anything wrong with loving someone of the same gender.

In the first book of The Alchemist’s Theorem series, Sir Duffy’s Promise, Sir Brandiheart and Peatree are the only gay couple (though there is also an androgynous character), but they are not a token couple. So far there are two other characters I know of that are LBGTQ, however, neither of them have met their partners yet. But that will happen in the books to come.

Congratulations to all the newly weds!


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