Bottle Feeding My Book


I had a strange dream a few days ago. It happened after I had a conversation with my sisters, Kathleen and Beth, about proofreading The Alchemist’s Theorem for me. I apologized for only giving them three weeks to read it and I worried whether or not that was enough time. Though they are both very busy, they assured me they’d do their best and try to read the whole thing by the deadline (my sisters are the best).

A couple of nights later, I had this dream: I was at my father’s house with my sister Kathleen and some other people. Next to Kathleen was a baby in a car seat. The baby was hungry. I told Kathleen that she needed to feed it, the bottle was right there. She said, “Don’t worry I’m going to feed the baby.” But I got really anxious because the baby was hungry and really wanted to be fed. So I said that I would feed the baby but she said, “No, don’t, I’ll do it.” I didn’t listen to her and grabbed the bottle and the baby and tried to feed her myself. And then I went blind.

I didn’t think this dream had anything to do with my novel as I recounted it to my boyfriend, Brooks. But he loves to interpret dreams and has a knack for it. When I finished the story he said, “Well that one’s easy. The baby is your book and you are worried Kathleen won’t have time to proofread it and you will have to proofread it again yourself but you are too close to the book and you won’t see any of the remaining issues.”

Brooks totally blew my mind with that interpretation. After his analysis my anxiety became obvious. The great part about all of this psychoanalysis is that I was able to recognize the fear, process it, and then rationalize it and let go of that anxiety. Like a grownup.

I haven’t had anymore of these dreams so it must be working. I just sent my manuscript off to my sisters today. This book is almost done!


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