Practicing for the Audio Book


Yesterday I used a sound booth at Brooks’ office to record myself reading a few pages of The Alchemist’s Theorem. I brought my own equipment since super expense professional equipment makes me anxious. You know what else makes me anxious? Small spaces.

Not only is the booth creepily quiet, but the door was heavy and set to lock (like a tomb). They keep only a piece of cardboard over the latch to stop it from locking when closed. Every time Brooks opened the door to check on me I had to get up and close it myself, making sure that the cardboard stayed in place. I had to see it for myself, otherwise the panic part of my brain would imagine the worst.

It was worth the neurotic stress, though. The recording sounds great, except I read too fast (I was sweating the whole time and wanted to get out into wide open spaces), and my voice needs more nuance so that I don’t put people to sleep. Some elocution lessons would go a long way, too. But still, it’s fun to listen to the playback and imagine, after some practice, a decent audio book.

Also, reading out loud helped me find some small edits that need fixing. I have 20 more pages to do some big revisions on and then I’m going to read through the whole book again, out loud, into a microphone that my earbuds will be plugged into. This way I’ll have a better chance at catching the tiny edits my eyes can no longer see.


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