Damn You Google Adwords!


So I’ve started using Google Adwords to advertise some of my Minecraft Malfunction videos on YouTube. This is something I have no experience with and I am teaching myself how to use through trial and error. The interface for my Adwords account is definitely set up for people who know how to use advertising tools. I’m obviously frustrated, but I have small rewarding moments when I figure something out (or at least I think I figured something out).

At this point I’m just doing in-display ads (the kind that show up as clickable cards on videos or thumbnails in the margins of search pages). For my August Kickstarter campaign I plan on running short promotional in-stream ads (a video that plays before a video) as well as in-display ads. If I can afford it.

What I discovered today is that I can pay what I want and get as many clicks as I want, but if I’m not bidding high enough for my ads to show up on popular pages/videos that my audience engages with, then the quality of my clicks pretty much suck.

Thank goodness for my years of scientific research experience with statistics. I can at least look at the campaign and video analytics and get an idea of what’s going on. I found that even though my campaigns are getting me hundreds of clicks, those clicks aren’t converting to engaged audience members. Not only are they not subscribing, most of them aren’t watching past the opening titles.

So for my next trial I’m going to find pages and videos that aren’t the most popular, but popular enough, and then increase my bidding and see what happens. Wish me luck!

[Update Nov. 14th 2015] I found out that on Google AdWords I am competing with huge companies with ridiculous budgets, and that it is pretty pointless for me to advertise on YouTube this way. 


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