The Excitement of a Kickstarter Campaign


When self-publishing, so much more goes into a book than just the writing. I’ve been working tirelessly on marketing, like making graphics, making 30+ YouTube videos, testing out YouTube advertising via Google Adwords, drafting scripts for promotional videos, writing marketing copy, maintaining a blog, tweeting and facebooking regularly, socializing and connecting with awesome people who care about what I’m doing, and running a Kickstarter campaign.

Above is a character graphic I made last night for The Alchemist’s Theorem August Kickstarter campaign. It’s so much work, but despite my long-winded list, it’s so exciting too! I had trouble falling asleep afterwards because I felt galvanized by the prospect of a successful campaign.

I began writing this novel during the summer of 2012 while staying with my mother and step-father. In a month or two it will be finished, three years later. I’ve put so much effort into this book. It has been frustrating and stressful at times, but that stuff is always out weighed by the pleasure of the work.

I was working on the page this morning when I got some bad news about a paying job opportunity not working out. I was definitely bummed, but because the campaign gave me so much pleasure I didn’t sweat it. I love the work I’m doing. I think someone somewhere said that the money always follows. I should Google who said it, but I’m mad at Google Adwords right now so I refuse.


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