I Don’t Like Dust Jackets


When I started thinking about the cover design of The Alchemist’s Theorem, I had an idea of what I wanted but I couldn’t quite picture the end product. I went to Elliot Bay Books in Capitol Hill and looked through the various designs. Almost everything was too contemporary and didn’t appeal to me. Finally, I came across the Penguin Classics, like the one above.

I want my book to look old and magical. The classics were redesigned with clothbound hardbacks and printed on using foil stamps. This style is exactly what I want. No dust jackets! I can’t stand them. They make noise and get in the way. The sight of them makes me think of paper cuts.

While I was looking into print-on-demand (POD) options for my upcoming Kickstarter campaign, I got discouraged because clothbound wasn’t an option. Lulu only offers hardcover casewraps. Amazon’s Create Space doesn’t even offer hardbacks. I was getting grumpy when I came across Thomson-Shore.

Thomson-Shore is a printing house. They’ve worked with small presses for years and have a great reputation. Like many printing houses, they have developed services that cater to self-publishing authors. My experience with them has been so positive. They answer yes to almost all of my questions. One of which was: does your POD options include clothbound hardbacks stamped with foil? YES! And the price is reasonable!

So the hardback version of my book is going to look something like the picture below. No dust jacket! Just the old fashion clothbound. It’s gonna look magical!



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