Choosing Words


In The Alchemist’s Theorem, there is a moment when Sir Duffy’s big, lazy, carnivorous horse Gooder scratches his butt against a tree and let’s out “noisy gas.” Last night I finally decided to just go for it and say that Gooder farted.

This is a typical battle between my inner child and my inner adult. I used the term “noisy gas” thinking that kids would know what it was and still laugh, but I realized last night I was depriving them of a good hardy laugh.

“Farted” is the funniest word in the childish language. It still makes me laugh. Whenever a kid in one of my classes accidentally farts, anyone who hears it erupts with laughter.

The grownup in me worries that other adults will think the use of such a word is juvenile, but that’s why my childish side won the argument. The Alchemist’s Theorem is meant for juveniles.

So there you have it. Gooder farted. Try and not laugh at that.


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