Alternate Worlds


Whenever I am creating fantasy stories, I prefer that they take place in alternate worlds. One reason is because I don’t like doing research. I don’t want to spend my creative energy worrying about getting facts right. Another, and more important reason is, I LOVE world building.

The world of The Alchemist’s Theorem is something I’ve been building from scratch. One of the funnest parts for me is naming. I love mixing familiar and unfamiliar syllables to create new but still pronounceable names. For example, cappamorphs are child-sized creatures that look like iridescent caterpillars and can shape-shift as a defense mechanism.

Mendel encounters a cappamorph that mimics his own image. These creatures are not aggressive and are usually more skittish, but this particular one shows an interest in Mendel (my anthropology degree is being put to good use).

My names are mild compared to a lot of hardcore fantasy, which is fine. I have a hard time wading through sentences like “Kagoledon of the Farisch Isles of Paposterdol.” I find “Mendel MacKeenie, the boy from Abylant” much easier and more fun to read.

The only issue with making up a lot of names for an alternate world is that it makes spell check very angry.



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