Minecraft Malfunction!

Minecraft Page pic

So me & Brooks have a YouTube project that Geekwire interviewed us about. It’s called Minecraft Malfunction! Kids help us grownups play Minecraft. We are terrible and the expert Minecrafting kids are hilarious.

This is the funnest way to build an audience. We hang out with cool kids, play video games and make videos that we put up on YouTube for people to enjoy. A lot of hours go into this project, but it’s all time spent doing activities we love.

In a previous post I talked about marketing and how people can inadvertently form bad attitudes about it. I definitely did at first, but then I realized I had to change how I looked at marketing if I’m going to get anywhere.

I knew I couldn’t build an audience around my novel The Alchemist’s Theorem yet because it isn’t finished. So when I began considering how to engage my audience, it didn’t take long for my thoughts to circle around Minecraft.

This video game has replaced Harry Potter as the new global, cultural phenomenon. We decided that it was definitely something worth exploring. And ever since I started working with kids (teaching an after school coding class) I couldn’t help notice how much they are expressing themselves creatively using Minecraft. Also, I noticed how much time they spend on YouTube.

So not only is Minecraft Malfunction fun for us, but it is a platform for kids to express their creativity and expertise. It’s a win-win project, and we are excited to see where it takes us.


One thought on “Minecraft Malfunction!

  1. I just saw your story on GeekWire! My daughters (7 and 9) are absolute Minecraft FANATICS (and little budding coders, as well). If you’d like to play with them online or IRL anytime (we’re in Ballard), drop me a line… I’m running out of excuses for why Mama hasn’t yet learned to play. 🙂


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