The Good News Post

IMG_0248    IMG_0250

Yesterday, me & Brooks imported my unfinished manuscript of The Alchemist’s Theorem into Adobe InDesign. We did this because I needed to get a page count estimate so I can start calculating print-on-demand (POD) costs for my August Kickstarter campaign. I have never used InDesign before and it’s been a while since Brooks used it so there was a good deal of Googling. There was also a lot of me trying not to issue him directives. We did very well together, and eventually we got we wanted:


This picture is like a first sonogram for me. The book isn’t ready to be born yet but it’s a healthy fetus. Or something like that. I had a huge smile on my face while we walked home.

Yesterday I also received the second illustration from the artist I hired and it looks magical! No! You can’t see it yet.

The printing house I’ve been communicating with has been answering yes to all of my requests, too. Not only do they do good quality POD hardcovers but they will do clothbound covers as well. And they do bound “tip in” pages as well, so I can sign pages without having to ship the book twice.

What other good news did I have this weekend? Oh yeah! Me & Brooks have booked a couple awesome kids for our Minecraft project. We are having so much fun playing Minecraft with kids. Our audience is slowly growing.

So much good news!


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