The Art of Losing a Battle


I had written previously about how I was attempting to do my own illustrations for The Alchemist’s Theorem. I feel somewhat accomplished getting as far as I did in the above unfinished drawing, but I have to admit defeat.

It took a lot of time to get that far, and I have a total of five illustrations to do for the book. I have set the deadline for the book’s completion in July. Functioning as my own personal publishing house, there is a lot I have to do besides write the book. Doing my own illustrations just isn’t in the cards. The quality would suffer.

However, victory is mine! I found a talented artist to do the illustrations at a price I can afford. He’s already done the first one and is currently working on the second. I’m very excited to see the next drawing since Gooder is in it. I can’t wait to see my carnivorous horse come to life.

Also, my art skills were put to some good use for The Alchemist’s Theorem. Each chapter heading has a silhouette that I created, like the one below. And I did the cover design as well, which has to be redone because in its current form it can’t be printed onto the hardcover that I want. But I am totally up for that challenge!



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