It Takes a Village to Raise a Novel

Chiavetta - Lattman wedding

I just finished my second revision of The Alchemist’s Theorem! It’s still not finished, but it’s getting close. Before this round I had my brother-in-law Adam edit the manuscript for me. Bless his lovely government auditor’s heart, he found some important problems, and gave me great advice on how to fix them.

If it weren’t for his outside eye, I would have missed the opportunity to craft an epic conflict. There was a spot in the book where Adam swore things were about to go down, but then nothing happened. Once I became aware of it I said “Of course something needs to happen there. And I know exactly what’s gonna happen.”

I spent all of last evening writing this epic scene. It was a thrill. I got to let my imagination loose. When I finished I had added six new pages to the manuscript. I’m just shy of 60,000 words. It feels so good!

I have a few things I have to go back and fix in the rest of the manuscript, and then I hand it over for editing to my stellar boyfriend, Brooks. He was the editor-in-chief of the first online scifi magazine, Science Fiction Weekly. So The Alchemist’s Theorem is in good hands.

After he finishes, I’ll revise the whole thing again and then hand it off to my proofreaders (my sisters Kathleen and Elizabeth). I love having such a big, awesome, supportive family of smart talented people. The acknowledgement section in the book is gonna be long. After my sisters are done, I’ll probably read it one more time (because I’m neurotic) and then the manuscript will be done. I’m trying to decide what to do to celebrate. Think think think.



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