Marketing Doesn’t Have to Come from a Can


At the beginning of the publication decathlon, it’s hard not to look ahead at all the obstacles and feel intimidated, overwhelmed and insecure. This trio of uncomfortable feelings creates an immune response that comes with side effects. The initial response helps writers defend against the endless discouragement and keeps creativity going, but the side effects can manifest as bad attitudes.

When it comes to marketing, our immune response basically tells us things like ‘that won’t be your job, someone else will do it’ or ‘don’t worry about it, people will just find and love your work on their own because it’s so great.’ Those responses help us forget the worry and focus on the joy of the work, which is good. However, a bad attitude I have personally experienced and have commonly seen among writers is that we are above debasing self-promotion.

There are the kind of self-promoters out there that people generally can’t stand. They are basically spammers. They don’t know where their audience is, so instead of taking the time to find them and carefully craft material to get their attention they throw themselves at everyone and anyone in a rather awkward and typically annoying way. This is not the only method by which to promote creative work.

Once The Alchemist’s Theorem was nearing completion, I quickly noticed how my bad attitude was holding me back. I haven’t by any means figured out any secrets to marketing (yet), but I have figured out a way to not hate it so much.

I decided to approach this whole marketing thing in a way that suits my personality, my schedule and hopefully my audience. I don’t know if it’s going to work (there’s a good chance it will), but I’m having a lot of fun doing it and I forget that it is serving a marketing purpose sometimes.

Once this project is in full swing I will talk about it more. For now, I’ll say that it is a heck of a lot more fun than spamming.



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