Making Up Things That Already Exist


In my novel The Alchemist’s Theorem, I created this thing called a Diajob. Below is an excerpt explaining what it is:

“‘You said you want to know more about the Diajob, and right you are. In order to understand anything else in the [Alchemist’s Theorem] you must first understand the Diajob.’ She drew a larger version of the symbol with much more detail. There were two layers of petals, many of which had new symbols on them. The X in the middle was actually an eight-point star, each point connected symbols in the petals… ‘The Diajob is used as a philosophical tool. We alchemists meditate on these relationships in order to gain mathematical insights.’ explained Sir Lyla.”

One day I described the Diajob in the same way to my boyfriend Brooks. He replied, “that sounds like a mandala.” I didn’t know what he was talking about so I Googled it. Mandalas are elaborate drawings used as meditation tools in Hinduism and Buddhism. I may have learned this at some point in my life, but when I was creating the Diajob I was unaware of it.



I have had a few moments like this while working on the novel. There is a talking rabbit in the story that I called Lep. I had no idea that the scientific name for rabbits is Lepus curpaeums, until Brooks told me (he is a natural trivia compiler).

I take great pleasure in these moments because it suggests a degree of intuition is crafting this story. Plus, I don’t care for doing research.


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