Everybody Loves Fat Cats


I’m definitely a cat person. The tabby above belongs to strangers. We hangout sometimes before work. The apartment I live in doesn’t allow cats so I have to wait until we move to get my own. I plan on calling my cat Kali Ma. That’s the name of the evil god worshiped in the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


After watching Big Hero 6 I decided that my book The Alchemist’s Theorem needed a fat cat. So I created Butter. I made the same mistake as the movie, though. I only gave the awesome big cat one scene. After my brother-in-law Adam read the first draft he told me that Butter needed to stick with the protagonists on the rest of their journey. I did not need much convincing. I knew Adam was right. So I’m working on the revisions.

Here is an excerpt about Butter from the novel:

“There was a loud thump. Butter appeared on one of the chairs. He surveyed the table and hopped up with surprising agility for such a round animal. The cat examined every empty plate. After finding the last plate bare, he sat in the middle of the table and watched the side door. Mendel couldn’t help laughing at how much space Butter took up.”


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