I Might as Well Use Crayons


I am trying to do my own illustrations since I can’t afford to pay a real artist what she or he deserve. It is difficult. And time consuming. And demoralizing. I curse a lot while messing with vectors and nodes. Sometimes I contemplate whether or not I could get away with doing some kind of abstract drawing using crayons.

But I do have small moments of victory. Above is a draft of Sir Duffy, my alchemist. I have made some improvements since I took this picture, but I wouldn’t call him perfect. Still, I felt a twinge of accomplishment when I saw my dear alchemist come to life in two-dimensional form. I have great affection for this man.

But here are the words that better illustrate my Sir Duffy:

“He looked at his reflection in the mirror above the water basin. The curly tufts of hair were mostly grey and a grizzled scruff of facial hair had sprouted. He had the broad shoulders and barrel chest inherited from his father, as well as the round belly. It was his fiftieth year and he had firmly decided that he was quite content with his constitution, grey hairs and belly notwithstanding.”


2 thoughts on “I Might as Well Use Crayons

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