No One Sees My Cleverness


A number of my friends and family have read the first chapter of The Alchemist’s Theorem, but all of them missed my cleverness. This makes me question my cleverness.

One of my protagonists, Sir Duffy, owns an apothecary called A Pot He Carries, which is where the first chapter takes place. Do you see my cleverness yet? No? Ugh!

If you squish A Pot He Carries together it (mis)spells apothecary! Yes. You are right. This does call my cleverness into question, but I am keeping the name of the shop nonetheless. It will be an inside joke that I share with myself, and I guess you.

Here is an excerpt from Sir Duffy’s shop:

“Before he tended the garden, he checked his inventory up front to make sure all was in order. Fully stocked shelves lined the four walls of the shop. Tables and tall racks crowded the center area and were covered in bottles, jars, brass scales and networks of colorful beakers. Bubbling cauldrons of questionable matter hung over quiet flames, and rays of the rising sun shone through the large front windows and dashed off various reflective surfaces. Exotic plants wrapped long limbs around bottles, beakers and table legs. Sir Duffy smiled at the pleasing sight of his organized chaos.”



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